“Your present moment doesn’t determine where you can go; it merely determines where you start” ​

Nido Qubein

Work dissatisfaction & cultural differences

What is Work dissatisfaction & cultural differences?

Work dissatisfaction can manifest in a number of ways, from feeling unappreciated, having issues with your manager or colleagues, following a work restructure, bullying, sexual harassment or feeling undervalued. Any of these issues can significantly change the way a person feels about their work. I believe that positive work satisfaction is an essential motivator in relation to work performance and enjoyment, whilst at the same time it also makes a difference in how we feel about ourselves and our life. For most people your place of work is usually where we spend the majority of our time and therefore, it has a big influence on how we feel. 

Similarly cultural differences can also develop in the workplace and are not always so obvious to us. People who have moved from other countries or are from a different ethnic background can gradually develop feelings of unhappiness, become stressed or depressed because some of their basic ways of behaviour no longer apply or fit into the new culture they find themselves in. 

All these situations can unfortunately cause a great deal of emotional distress to a person, but fortunately they can also be extremely responsive and fairly easily dealt with in the counselling process.

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